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  • ​Licensed Child Care center
  • Spanish Bilingual Program
  • Language acquisition through activities 
  • Professionally Designed Accredited fun based
  • Curriculum
  • Low children -To- Teacher Radio
  • Free Meals and Snacks
  • Caring and qualified teachers
  • Small, privately owned preschool
  • CCS
Bienvenidos a Dulcinea Spanish Learning Center.
 Creative Bilingual Education.

At Dulcinea Spanish Learning Center our bilingual education program helps build a foundation for the lifelong process of learning. Your child will experience a thorough early childhood learning program in a bi-cultural environment. We welcome all students, whether they are just beginning their journey into the Spanish language or they are looking to expand their Spanish exposure. Children can learn a second language in the same way they learned their native language, with continuous exposure it comes quite naturally! The benefits of knowing Spanish are quite obvious here in central Texas, however, a second language also adds additional cognitive benefits. Some of which include enhanced problem solving skills, spatial relation skills and heightened creativity. 

Children are immersed from the first day in a loving, 
nurturing and stimulating environment!

No contract required and no strings attached. We are so sure that once you experience to Dulcinea Spanish Learning Center,difference, you and your children will be extremely glad you did. 

If you are looking for that perfect place in San Antonio TX, where you will feel confident that your children are receiving the best quality care... You are in the right place. But you will find that we offer so much more than other child care centers, we offer a great learning environment, caring and qualified teachers, a Spanish bilingual program, and a fun activity-based curriculum, all in a small place.

Take a tour and discover the fun your child will have 
learning a second language. 
(Remember, you may take a tour anytime, 
Just call or email us to make an appointment.)

202 Recoleta Rd, San Antonio Tx.  78216